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CYBER MONDAY! Discounts & Special All in One Collection


I was sitting here shopping online (imagine that) and realized I hadn’t thought about a great sale for my own store! Soooooo I decided to go BIG this year 🙂


HUGE Discounts + a BRAND NEW LIMITED Collection with a sample of 16 skies and the Essential Editing Collection (video below) for ONLY $25 (make sure you use the 50% off coupon of CYBER17)!


PLEASE SHARE this amazing deal below or copy and paste the URL (http://kansaspitts.com/cyber-monday/) above wherever you want <3 I would be forever grateful!


What is it?


  1. 50% off everything in the store using Cyber17  www.kansaspitts.bigcartel.com
  2. The Essentials Editing Collection (only available for Cyber Monday and only $25 with coupon code).
    1.  Includes:
      1. 16 gorgeous skies + the sky actions that come with all my sky/overlay collections
      2. The 4 Photoshop Actions (Includes actions compatible with Photoshop & Elements) + 1 Lightroom Preset – used to edit every single image shown in the video above…great for EVERY image.
      3. Entrance into the Facebook groups for Actions and Skies (see receipt email for links)


Actions Included:

Arise & Shine | Wake up your images with one click. This is my go-to action, the first thing I do…from newborns to portraits, weddings, and editorial…even underwater images, I literally run this on every single image I edit with zero tweaks. Within seconds get that crisp, clean look you crave.

Bold, Beautiful Skies | Ever wonder how I get my skies so bold, dramatic, and colorful? This is it. In less than a few seconds it completely transforms my skies. Recently I have been using it on all backgrounds (lush, green, wood, etc.) for lots of bold color and to bring out that gorgeous bokeh. It runs at a lower opacity so make sure you increase for more drama, more color, more beauty!

Warm Spotlight | Another action I run on almost every single image I edit. It just gives this soft, warm spotlight to the most important subjects in your images. Don’t forget, double click on the gradient icon to move this around with your arrow tool (just hit V to pull that tool up).

Sharpen Noise | Reduce noise and sharpen in one fell swoop. It also adds a little painterly effect to your image.

Please read ALL before making a purchase.


  1. The actions contained herein are a part of the Kansas Collection so if you own that you already own the 4 actions (the preset is from the Sunkissed Bonus Pack and the skies are from the Fall Workshop-not the fall action set). Be advised the Kansas Collection is in the Ultimate Collection and it is the very best one and I use it for everything so it is definitely worth getting the entire thing at 50% off and the Sunkissed Collection is huge-this is just one of the many presets that came as a bonus with the actions so it is def worth also getting it at 50% off! The Fall Workshop is also amazing!
  2. Read over all materials on this page and in the store on the product you are purchasing PRIOR to purchasing.
  3. There are NO refund (so make sure you purchase the correct version for your program(s) due to the digital nature of this product (this is for PSE Elements V8+ and all versions of Photoshop).
  4. Your purchase will go to your Paypal email – please please change your paypal email before purchasing if it isn’t your email (info HERE).
  5. The second your download your product BACK IT UP – more info in your zipped file about that.
  6. Kansas Pitts Actions and Preset Collections and products are copyright of Kansas Pitts Photography. It is illegal to redistribute any of the materials in any way.  No sharing the files with anyone including, but not limited to, friends, family, fellow photographers, business partners.


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