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Don’t you hate these “about me” pages? I mean can you really ever sum up who you are on a blog page? Nah not really but I’ll give you some hints (you can also visit my personal blog) – I am the mother of 4 insanely crazy but mostly sweet kids, married to the love of my life (and I don’t say that lightly-he literally may be the best husband in the world-otherwise I simply couldn’t do all that I do), lover of everything gold, may have an online shopping addiction, love to run, the beach, chips & salsa (and really any Mexican food), and sleep (which I don’t get much of lately)!

Photography is my love (obviously besides my husband, kids, & fam) – anything that can keep my attention for going on 7 years now has to be special. You can guarantee I am constantly taking in everything there is to learn, in order to make your portraits amazing, striving constantly to give you the best experience possible, and always thinking of how I would feel in your shoes so that I can really give you the best of everything I have to give. I am honestly honored each time I get to go out and capture each families’ memories – it humbles me that I get to see some of my families each and every year. So thank you from the bottom of my heart all my current clients and to all of you contemplating investing in me for your families’ art I can’t wait to work with you!