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2014 | An Awesome Year: My Year End Review

2014-2webP I N

What can I say? I have truly been blessed to have such amazing clients and to be able to photograph them in the most beautiful places. One thing I particularly enjoy about my “job” is getting to meet so many new people  – they let me peek into their family dynamics and let me capture their moments. And lots of them I get to see every year.; it is so neat to watch the kids grow up and change year after year. I love it 🙂 I even had some of my clients bring me baby presents! I mean how sweet is that?! So that was the big thing this year, I had Baby Hudson in the middle of the summer…which, around here is busy busy season. He has brought so much to our little family – he is such a sweet happy little man and the completion to our family of 6. Despite having him (via my first c-section no less!) I still took, get this, over 60,000 images this year! I went through the numbers and I was floored 🙂 About — of that were family images (can you even imagine how many I have taken of Baby Hudson?) but the rest are spread over the over 100 sessions/weddings I photographed this year. I so enjoyed meeting all my new mommies & daddies, my new and old families, and bride & grooms.  I even got to photograph the new babies of several past bride and grooms! That rocks 🙂 If you are a numbers person, here ya go (these are rounded off):

62k images logged total…..

Portrait (non-beach): 4,500

Beach Portraits: 19,000

Babies: 13,100

My Family: 15,500

Business/Photographer’s Shop: 2,500


Weddings: 4,900

YearendCollage2014P I N

So let me just say thank you to everyone who reached out and trusted me to photograph their family, their brand new baby, their wedding, their lives…it has truly made my life better just meeting each of you! I thought it would be neat to map out where all my clients came from this year!

2014 Client MapP I N


And I did lots of new business things this year which you can see at the bottom but first, a little recap of my year….(to see any of the full session you can go to the menu above and click Portfolio and click on whichever one you want to browse)


MyFavoriteAllinOneExampleP I N

Pitts-1P I N

Kilpatrick-2P I N

6MonthBeach-45P I NPitts-24P I N


MillerMini-1P I NcollageP I N

BabyCaroline-1P I N

FellFamily-2P I NEmmaKate-35webP I N

Lopez-1P I N

FirstPics-4matteP I N

Amanda-2P I N

KensieP I N


GardnerFamilyMini-5P I NcollageP I N


BabyBrody-1P I NBabyBrody-2P I Nstoryboard3_7_10x3_0035P I N

OneYearCaroline-20P I N

BabyPoppy-1P I NEightAfter3P I N

Char6Months-1P I N

Untitled-1P I NFiftyFourAfterP I N

SobbaFamily-2P I N

Layla-1P I N

GoforthBeachFamily-2P I N

Fireworks-1P I N

storyboard3_7_10x3_0035P I N


SessionsP I NTheGirls-1P I Nstoryboard3_7_10x3_0035P I N


BeshoreFamily-1P I N

BabyJohnson-19P I NBeshoreFamily-2P I N


Bubbles4th-2cmP I N

CarltonTwins-3P I N

Underwater-3P I NCarltonTwins-1P I N

ErinK-1P I N


BabyCosta-1P I NBeach29th-1P I N

Fernanda-17webP I N

storyboard3_7_10x3_0035P I N

Lydia-2P I N

BabyJulianne-1P I N

Marshall-19P I N

Marino-4P I N

Pyfferoen-3P I NPyfferoen-28P I N

YoungFamily-1P I N

storyboard3_7_10x3_0035P I N

Formals-20P I N


RiggsTwins-1P I N


BabyReese-1P I NReception-1P I N

Poppy6Months-1P I NcollageP I NCollageP I N

JanesBeach-1P I NJanesBeach-48P I N

BabyTheo-23P I Nstoryboard3_7_10x3_0035webP I N

Tucker6Months-4P I N

Tomlin-3P I N

VictoriaDavidEngagements-1P I N

JulieMaternity-1P I N

LallyBeach-1P I NHudsonStudio-70P I N

CardinaliFamily-3P I NCardinaliFamily-1P I N

Emma-1P I NWellsFamily-35P I NSimplySquaredSixExampleP I NAlltheDetailsExampleP I NSimplyLandscapeExampleP I N

Nolan6MonthsP I NBabyNolan12Months-37P I N

SarahKate-3P I NBigLittleLandscapeExampleP I N

MongeBeachFam-1P I N

NavarreMini-15P I N

CollageP I N


EllaBeach-9P I N

Watercolor Family PicturesP I N

GarlandBeachFamily-52P I N

AsherNB-1P I N

KramerFam-2editP I NKramerFam-13P I N


BabyPutney-19P I NFormals-2P I NDrobiaFamily-3P I N


ChristensenBeach-32P I NUntitled-1P I NBabyMiles12Months-18P I NVllaFamily-22P I NVllaFamily-8P I NBabyThomas-1P I NBabyJameson-34P I NBabyJameson-1P I NFebWorkshop-3P I NFebWorkshop-7P I N

BehindtheScenes-14P I NFarris14P I NEden State Gardens -19P I NSutherlinAnnouncement-7newP I NTiffany-32P I N

Valentine’s Day MinisAlannahwebP I NGreyGoldP I NPresley-5P I NOlivia-2P I NTerra-13P I NRhett-6P I NLeibold-14P I NLewis-18P I NRewis-8P I NAlbee-12P I NAlbee-7P I NLydiaVDay-1P I NRaelee-1P I NCrowe-15P I NCrowe-2P I NGould-25P I N

Dana-50P I N

3031Weeks-21P I N

HardmanFamily-21webP I N

Gould-1P I NChua-12P I NRobinson-42P I N

Grayton1year-1P I NHannah6Months-1P I NSpearsFamily-14webP I N

Relker-1webP I NTurpen-1P I NWhitneyDavidFinals-175webP I NUnderwater-2P I N
Lippert-13P I N

Mason02webP I NTerra6Months-18webP I NJulianna1Year-2P I NTabathaBeach-1P I N

BabyReed-2P I N

OurFamily-1P I NOurFamily-9P I NTabathaBeach-32P I NMooreFamily-1P I NBabyTrent12Months-1P I N

BabyOwen-1P I N

I was very pregnant at this wedding, my last before Baby Hudson was born! Thanks Nicole Everson for capturing this!

KariMasonWedding-1P I N

And I can’t forget all the fabulous photographers that shopped my shop this year! It is so awesome to see you guys from around the world find me 🙂

2014OrderMapP I N

I love my little shop and I love designing things for it – It was so fun to add a few things this year 🙂

SummerSkyCandyP I N

The100P I N100Skyies3DBoxP I N

RusticHolidayBoxP I N

CollageP I N3DCollageBox copyP I N

And I tried to blog more on my personal blog 🙂 Including a post about what I shot all these images with 🙂 You can read it HERE or see below to purchase from my fav sellers:

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