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Baby Poppy | A Baby Plan Come True

I have photographed both Baby Poppy and her older sister’s first years and birthdays for the last few years. Alexa is masterful at pretty much everything she does so she make my life easy and I mean her girls are gorgeous so what more could I ask for! Here is Baby Poppy’s Journey through the baby plan (briefly and then her sessions from this year).

BabyPoppy-1P I NPoppy6Months-1P I NBabyPoppy6Months-4P I NFor more of Baby Poppy’s Nursery Session click HERE

And just one from her 6 month beach session…

6MonthBeach-2P I N6MonthBeach-39P I N

And now from the rest of her baby plan…

PoppyWatercolor-1P I NPoppyWatercolor-9P I NPoppyWatercolor-13P I NPoppyWatercolor-16P I NPoppyWatercolor-19P I NPoppyWatercolor-20P I NPoppyWatercolor-25P I N


PoppyEden-6P I NPoppyEden-8P I NPoppyEden-12P I NPoppyEden-17P I NPoppyEden-22P I NPoppyEden-27P I NPoppyEdenP I N


Poppyis1webP I NPoppyisOne-23webP I N

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