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Black Lace Glamour Photography | Love Yourself

I posted a sweet post to my husband wearing a dress that he bought me for Christmas (see it HERE) and honestly I felt that I needed to mention a caveat, like defend the fact that I was posting a picture of myself. I wonder why it is that women feel the need to defend the fact that they share an image they love of themselves. I am not talking about the every-single-day-selfie-girls but the women that snap a quick one because they felt beautiful that day or post a pretty picture they had taken of just themselves? It seems that we can only post pictures or have pictures taken of ourselves when we are carrying another person (maternity), with our families (family portraits), for a business headshot, or have them taken for someone else (boudoir); I literally didn’t even have a category to file this under on my blog! Maybe sometimes we should embrace ourselves when we feel beautiful or when we work hard for something. A few days ago I know plenty of us made New Year’s Resolutions, or maybe you did last year or maybe you just did sometime during the year; just decided you were going to get healthy. As women we cater to everyone around us and it takes work to set time aside for ourselves, we feel guilty at times or feel like we can’t make the time. Make the time – you will be a better person for it. My husband and mother will tell you that I am a happier person when I am working out on the regular. I feel better, I look better, I feel inspired, I feel motivated. A few hours before I took these I ran 6 miles. I haven’t done that in forever. It felt good. Be good to yourselves and capture yourself when you feel beautiful – share it with the world 🙂 A smile really is contagious. Heck, sometimes a pretty selfie of someone else inspires me to get out of PJ’s and away from my desk for a bit-hah!

Anywho I wasn’t going to post anymore of these but you know what? I felt great today and I love these so I will…Sometime its fun to experiment and edit your images but sometimes I would rather not lol!

Interested in booking something fun like this? We can totally brainstorm and come up with something spectacular for you – Portrait information is HERE.


Fog artist, Miss Presley Pitts, 5 & Button Pusher, Olivia, 11

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Whats really going on behind the scenes lolBlackLaceDress-BTSP I NBlackLaceDress-BTS2P I N

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