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Brittany & Clay Married at the Beach | Destination Beach Wedding Photographer

Brittany and Clay got married on he beach in Sandestin this past Thursday. We braved frigid weather (okay, well like 50 degrees which is cold for the beach), icy sand (again, maybe an exaggeration), and gusty winds (not an exaggeration-you can actually see a little movement in the time lapse where the wind was blowing the camera) to photograph this gorgeous beach wedding. This part is not an exaggeration (you can ask Tricia of Tricia Petty Photography who assisted me on this one) we came up from the beach and Clay suggested that we put our numb, sandy feet in the hot tub and for the first few seconds I could not tell if it was on because my foot was numb-I literally couldn’t feel the temperature.


The day even started with plenty of rain but I held out hope that it would even up just like this….You have to see the time lapse to understand just how crazy the clouds and wind were. The last 10 seconds just watch the sky and the criss crossing clouds. Gosh it is gorgeous! (and stay tuned to my IG account because I will be posting some info on my time lapse methods soon www.instagram.com/photogingmama).



I am so glad we were able to get those gorgeous pictures of B & C on the beach – I knew in her heart that the ones of the two of them were the most important to her and I think we nailed it 🙂
BrittanyClay-1P I N
BrittanyClay-5P I NBrittanyClay-6P I NBrittanyClay-7P I NBrittanyClay-16P I NBrittanyClay-18P I NBrittanyClay-20P I N


SAndestin Beach Wedding Photographer P I N


BrittanyClay-83P I N

I love love intimate beach weddings…here is the entire wedding…guests, party, and all!


BrittanyClay-120P I NBrittanyClay-149P I NBrittanyClay-152P I NBrittanyClay-154P I NBrittanyClay-156P I NBrittanyClay-157P I NBrittanyClay-166P I NBrittanyClay-177P I NBrittanyClay-209P I NBrittanyClay-213P I NBrittanyClay-224P I NBrittanyClay-223P I N

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