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How To Take A Picture of Your Wall

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One thing that has really helped me show my clients who desire to display their gorgeous pictures on their walls is showing them how the images would actually look on their walls. Scale & size are very important when choosing a large showpiece or putting together a collage of images. To do this I just need one little thing from you…a picture of your wall, but with a twist!

  1. First walk around your home and located any spaces you *may* want to display image(s) from your session. This is not set in stone so make sure you hit all the spaces you are thinking of.
  2. Second, for each wall that you decide you may want to use tape a letter size (8.5×11) piece of paper on the wall.
  3. Back up as far as you can and take a picture of the wall with the paper on it with your cell phone. Try not to take it from an angle, rather square up with the wall.
  4. Email them to me and indicate what room each are from.

That’s it! Don’t forget, you can email me anytime to ask questions or send these in anytime before your session.

Here is an example of one of my clients following this process in a smaller space (I suggest you back up as far as possible but some spaces are smaller than others). They actually moved during the process but found the perfect wall in their new home to display their metal collection:

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