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Costa Rican Sky Overlays by Kansas Pitts + bonus actions

Soooo as many of you know from Facebook, my hubby & I went to Costa Rica this past week. I knew I wanted to do a Costa Rican sky overlay set but I also knew that I was going in the green/rainy season so I wasn’t sure what I would come away with. Ummmm I was more than pleased! Love, love, love these! I did mix in a few of my SoWal skies as well because I couldn’t resist a few beautiful rainbow skies I had tucked away and wanted to share them with you as well.




So, what you have here are 108 skies-54 edited, 54 clean, some portrait, mostly landscape, some panoramic, and even one that I kept lush, green covered mountains in to help better blend or even if you want to add some mountains. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with that one! You have a very wide variety of colors and clouds and such (even one with birds 😉 – blues, pinks, purples, smokiness, oranges, and so much more! I put a few dark, dramatic skies because so many of the private group members (from the previous collections) have used them for some amazing silhouettes! I did a few quick edits, ironically, using images I took in Costa Rica where the sky wasn’t as pretty those days just to give you an idea of the transformation these can give you.


(Used CostaRicanSkies-54Clean)



(Used CostaRicanSkies-1GreenClean)


(Used CostaRicanSkies-15Clean)

(I also have other collections available as well-check them out HERE or purchase HERE)


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A collection of jaw-dropping sky overlays captured in gorgeous Costa Rica to enhance your images on those days where the sky wasn’t exactly what you wanted! Blend them with the current sky or replace your sky altogether for an amazing image. With a mix of pinks, golds, blues, greys, and even some amazing purples you will be set for any image you want to create.

You will also receive 7 bonus actions to rotate, bokeh, or tone your skies.

Once purchased, the overlays and the .atn action file (zipped together) will be sent via digital download (they will be sent to the paypal email address-if you want immediate delivery please make sure you change your paypal email to your current email-also check SPAM). With this set you will get instructions on installing the actions and using the skies in both PS and Elements (Elements Video for these particular skies will be ready for download in the FB group 7/31/2013 but there is a link to another Elements video in your literature included). You can also request addition to the Facebook group to share tips, tricks, and before & after images at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/187783474719733/ Videos on blending the skies will be posted there as well. Join over 850+ of us to share your images, get feedback, assistance,; its just a fun little community we have made!

Be advised these are copyrighted images not to be shared with those who have not purchased, not to be sold on their own (without being put in YOUR image) or distributed otherwise. They are to be used only to enhance your and your clients images. Please respect my artistry 😉


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