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cotton fields on fire | a cotton field family session

It started with a  dress that I saw online – I never really anticipated using it for our family session but honestly where else would I wear something like this? About a week and a half ago I was laying in bed nursing Hudson and I drifted off; when I woke, still dreary, this idea came to mind. In my head I called it rustic glamour 🙂 (make fun of me if you like but I like it lol). I began to plan – I had already ordered some random clothes for the kids, also not necessarily for pictures but, let’s be honest, I am always ordering a lot of random stuff (ask my hubby). So this idea began to form in my mind and I knew I had to do it pretty quickly because I don’t have many, if any, afternoons off for a while. Plus with this dreadful time change 🙁 Let me preface this by saying, if I didn’t take so many pictures of the family and the kids I probably would have gone more low key with the wardrobe but for us, this is our chance to really dress up and have fun with it! We have tons of other images together you know?

Sooooo I put it out there that I was looking for a cotton field (don’t trespass people!) and I was truly honored that Candace, who I went to high school with, allowed us to come up and use their farm. Seriously, how nice is that?! But the fields were going to be harvested this week-another reason my time was short! I second guessed my “rustic glamour” thing a million times and actually brought a plaid Tommy Hilfigure shirt that I love and jeans and boots just in case I changed my mind about the dress. I decided to put it out of my mind and press on – it would be neat, right? Honestly I wasn’t even sure we got anything looking through after. It was a nice afternoon, though. It was cool and crisp outside and Jon & I had a little drink while we walked through the fields with the kids to show them all the cotton. I grew up in North Walton County and my house, though pretty close to the beach,  is nothing like a beach house, so this location fit us perfectly! By the time the sun started going down and the sky got pretty the kids weren’t as thrilled but they were good and I was appreciative (and they got a nice surprise for that!). And thank you to Tricia for helping me out – I am mentoring her and so I used this as a teaching opportunity – why these settings, why us here with the sun here, why this lens, etc. etc. And she rocked it 🙂

So here is the one I think will be replacing the 40×60 canvas in my living room that doesn’t have baby Hudson (although I love that one so it will being relocated)…I love love love this! I don’t like the smile-and-look-images as much as I like interactions. I knew Hudson would smile if we all looked at him; all he does is smile when we play with him so this was perfect-its something we do all the time! Let’s face it, the more kids we have, the harder a fun pose it 🙂 And it is a very wide shot but it was shot specifically for a huge canvas so it’s perfect yay! (Oh and in all of these Hudson doesn’t have a weird shaped head but if you have been following me since he was born he still has that tuft of hair on top (like a little mohawk) that makes his head look odd from far away lol!)

Cotton-2editP I N


And this one will be going in my bedroom…

Cotton-1P I N

Cotton-34P I NCotton-36P I N

And some more family ones that I love!

Cotton-5P I NCotton-10P I NCotton-26P I N


Tricia’s hubby, Josh, saw the one we did throwing corn at the Pumpkin Patch so he suggested we re-create that with the cotton from the ground 🙂Cotton-30P I N


My boys!

Cotton-44P I NCotton-28P I N


I saw this at Michaels and picked it up-for some reason I just love it! And its prefect for Christmas cards!

Cotton-42P I N
Cotton-43P I NCotton-39P I NCotton-38P I N


And I really wanted to do one with Hudson but I waited a little too late – he was cold and hungry and it was pretty much dark 🙁 Oh well, I still got my snuggles…

Cotton-47P I N


storyboard3_7_10x3_0035P I N

Some of our outfit stuff in on my pinterest: HERE

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