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Dare to Dream|2016 Mentoring Sessions Now Available



The 2016 Mentoring Series

Offered January-March 2016 on Select Dates

Limited Sessions


Photography Mentoring

As a mother of 4 active kids and a small business owner I know what it is to build a business, strive to be successful at it and then try to balance it all. I see people all the time who begin in this business and get burned out because they are working for less than their worth or don’t believe they can truly make a really good living out of photography. Guess what? You don’t have to get burned out and you truly can make this into a successful career. I have done it and I would love to share with you how. If you ask my workshop girls, I am a complete open book. I want you to learn from my 8+ years of experience. With a little luck we can help you avoid the mistakes I made and fast track your business to the next level. Maybe I can be that trick that lets you skip a few levels (think a cheat in a video game lol). So let’s get started!

This is the time of year that we begin to reevaluate our businesses, our lives. What worked, what didn’t, and what we can do about it. Well, this it…Dare to Dream, what could 2016 be like? Could my business run as smooth as I dream of? Could that in turn, allow my life to be everything I have ever dreamed of? Can I pay my bills & contribute to my household more than I ever dreamed? The answer is yes. Your business is so closely tied with your life if you are an artist, if you run a small business. You are always “on.” Take 2016 by the horns and together we can make both everything you have every dreamed of if you only you would…Dare to Dream.



I have four tracts to choose from and I am certain one will fit your business & needs perfectly!

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Sweet & Short Dream


This is my half hour open book, ask all the questions you want but be advised it is short and sweet option! Have a few burning questions you just want answered and you think that will be just enough for you? This is the option for you. A half hour Skype Session of whatever you choose to chat about!



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The Nightmare Reversed | The Business & Client Tract


I don’t think any of us knew exactly how much business was involved in a photography business-we just wanted to make gorgeous pictures right? Well this is for those who have the shooting & editing down to a science; your images are on point and you rock! But what you really need help with is the backend of your business. We will go over everything that goes on behind the scenes of your business and work to hone in those aspects you struggle with to make you more efficient but also to make your customer service stand out from the rest. I will send over a questionnaire to find out exactly where you are in the business aspect, make my suggestions, we can chat, & I will answer all your questions, including pricing & all the hard stuff. We can run the numbers and help you get to where you want to be in 2016. Once we have answered those questions, we can move on to the client business portion-identifying , finding, marketing, and selling to your target client. We will address pricing and what business model is best for your goals (where you want to be a shoot & burn or in person sales photographer). At the end I want you to be comfortable with where you want your business to go and have a plan to implement the things necessary to reach those dreams.

Specifically this includes 2-45 minute Skype Sessions

I believe in doing two sessions so that you can think about the information covered in the first session and we can follow up and address questions & concerns in the second so that you will get all the information you truly desire to meet your goals.



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The Imagery Dream | The Editing & Workflow Tract


Whether you are just starting out or really trying to hone in on what your style should be, what you would like it to be, this tract will answer all your editing questions. Not only will I do a Portfolio Review and in depth Questionnaire prior to our Skype sessions, I will both share my screen with you to show the hand editing of your choice AND edit a few of your images in multiple ways so we can really get to the place where you see your style emerging and you understand how to get your images from RAW to that beautiful finished image you desire to present to the world. You can ask questions on my personal editing process and I will show you my ridiculously quick workflow so that you can implement those things into your business to get a more efficient editing session from each client’s gallery.

Specifically this includes 1-45 minute, and 1-30 minute Skype Session

In this case we will go over as much editing as we possibly can and then you can work with what we went over and use the second Skype session as an opportunity to follow up with any questions that arose to make sure we have answered your editing & workflow questions.

You will also receive special discounts to the store.



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The DayDream Tract

(extremely limited due to time devotion)


Includes my 4 hour Virtual Portrait Workshop (a $500 value), The Business & Client Tract (and everything cited above), and the Editing & Workshop Tract  (and everything cited above)

How does it work?

Once purchased you will enroll for the 4 hour Virtual Portrait Workshop

You will watch the workshop & then we will schedule both the

The Business & Client Tract portion

as well as

The Editing & Workflow Tract

By the time you finish the virtual workshop & both tracts you will have so much one on one attention you won’t know what to do! And with so much information, your business will be ready to take flight and you will organized and ready to take on all the business aspect and deliver amazing, jaw-dropping images to your clients. In the Virtual Workshop you will be introduced to my business and how I run, then you will watch me shoot two family sessions then come back to the studio to edit. Once you have finished the virtual portion we can take that information and build on it to customize it to your business model and what you hope to achieve. We will form business goals and go over ways to make those happen. But we will also make sure we are honing in on your style, your shooting (this is the only tract that goes over camera settings, shooting, etc.), your editing. This is as close as you can come to a full in person workshop, except that it is all about you! Watch out 2016!

You will also receive special discounts to the store.




Terms & Conditions:

  1. I will be taking a very limited number of students due to time commitments.
  2. These will be offered from January-March of 2016 (if I have the opportunity to extend them further into the year based on my session schedule I will). All Sessions purchased must be scheduled within a week of the purchase & dates must be before March 31, 2016.
  3. Be advised sessions will be scheduled on weekdays from 10 am – 2 pm and week nights after 8pm, all CST.
  4. Mentees must sign a contract which includes a non-compete clause for 12 months; you not be permitted to teach, mentor, etc. for 12 months following your mentorship.
  5. Information you receive during your sessions is confidential and may not be shared in any way.
  6. Mentoring sessions are not open to photographers within 75 miles of 32459.
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