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February Small Group Workshop | Kansas Pitts Photography Beach Retreat | Kansas Pitts Workshop

FebWorkshop-90P I N


Finally I am getting around to blogging our small group workshop from February! The more I do these, the more I love them! Selfishly, it is partially because I get to meet all kinds of fun girls and we have the best time! And I just love following their progress once they leave 😉 This one was no different-in fact, at our welcome dinner at Camille’s on old 98 we got a few stares because we may have gotten a little too loud chit chatting over wine and sushi (and there were only 4 of us!). So they checked in Friday to the beautiful beach front home – a little smaller than normal but it was a small group 😉 Special thanks to Julie at Beach N’Destin for helping out with this gorgeous Frangista Beach home for the girls.

FebWorkshop-93P I NFebWorkshop-94P I NFebWorkshop-96P I NFebWorkshop-98P I NFebWorkshop-99P I N


Saturday the fun began! We started at Watercolor with my daughter, Presley, just to have a subject to photograph. I wanted to go over settings and such before we got in front of clients that afternoon.We even used one of my backdrops (you can purchase HERE) as a wrap and it came completely clean and dry and I have used it since lol! Watercolor had removed all their pretty flowers and it wasn’t very nice so we went over some photoshop magic to transform one of the images…Also, the beautiful pink dress was given to us by KKChildrenDesigns – she has some gorgeous stuff in her SHOP right now – just beautiful and so well made!


FebWorkshop-3P I N


FebWorkshop-102P I NFebWorkshop-104P I NFebWorkshop-106P I NFebWorkshop-108P I NFebWorkshop-109P I NFebWorkshop-110P I NFebWorkshop-111P I N

So after some computer/studio time, we met up with The Stange’s at Eden State Gardens for some pictures- it was gorgeous! Some of my favorites:

FebWorkshop-7P I NFebWorkshop-12P I NFebWorkshop-13P I NFebWorkshop-15P I NFebWorkshop-24P I NFebWorkshop-32P I NFebWorkshop-34P I NFebWorkshop-37P I N


And then, of course, we finished at the beach with the gorgeous Brundage Family & definitely some of my favs here:


FebWorkshop-9P I N

FebWorkshop-39P I NFebWorkshop-45P I NFebWorkshop-53P I NFebWorkshop-54P I NFebWorkshop-57P I NFebWorkshop-60P I NFebWorkshop-61P I NFebWorkshop-63P I NFebWorkshop-65P I NFebWorkshop-68P I NFebWorkshop-69P I NFebWorkshop-75P I N


Some fun behind the scenes of the ladies and myself yay!

FebWorkshop-5P I NFebWorkshop-80P I NFebWorkshop-81P I NFebWorkshop-83P I NFebWorkshop-84P I NFebWorkshop-85P I NFebWorkshop-86P I NFebWorkshop-87P I NFebWorkshop-88P I NFebWorkshop-89P I NFebWorkshop-91P I NFebWorkshop-101P I NKPP Workshop-10 as Smart Object-1P I NKPP Workshop as Smart Object-1P I N

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