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going paperless and other stuff…

photographer going paperless with ShootQP I N

We are going paperless! What does that mean? Why do you care?

For one thing you will signing contracts online (no stamps, no faxing, etc.) and you can check your account anytime you want and I will have your entire file in one place and you can even view your contract, your booking information sheet, and everything. It is going to be awesome! I have been contemplating this for a while and have tried out various software programs and I found the one…If you are following me on my 365 project on photogingmama.com you saw this the other day:

day16P I N

And that was the final straw-I had to eliminate this waste and become more green and more convenient for my clients. You may have also noticed that I am so behind on my blog. The holidays and all the year end weddings backed me up and a lot of the portrait sessions were for Christmas presents so out of respect for clients, as not to ruin surprises, I withheld posting a lot of sessions and now I am behind! I have about a month before my weddings begin again so maybe I can get some posted for your enjoyment!

So tonight, I burned all my paperwork (obviously after it was all safe and sound in my lovely computer) and I am on my way!

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