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molly & alannah | sequins on the beach

(Only one to two spots left in the SRB workshop and 2 in the NC workshop)

I am loving all this sparkle on the beach lately – I mean I am obsessed with gold right now away and seriously, everyone looks amazing in it! Molly is my tall, beautiful, blonde sister in law and Alannah is my tiny blonde hair, blue eyed niece-my only niece actually. It was pretty cool but the sun made it feel amazing, especially since the sun hasn’t been out in three weeks around here (I feel like I live in Seattle)!


And now for the captures of these gorgeous girls!

MollyAlannah-1P I NMollyAlannah-7P I NMollyAlannah-8P I NMollyAlannah-13P I NMollyAlannah-15P I NMollyAlannah-16P I NMollyAlannah-17P I NMollyAlannah-19P I NMollyAlannah-21P I NMollyAlannah-22P I NMollyAlannah-23P I NMollyAlannah-24P I NMollyAlannah-25P I NMollyAlannah-27P I NMollyAlannah-31P I NMollyAlannah-33P I NMollyAlannah-35P I NMollyAlannah-38P I NMollyAlannah-39P I NMollyAlannah-42P I NMollyAlannah-43P I NMollyAlannah-49P I NMollyAlannah-50P I NMollyAlannah-51P I N


collageP I N

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