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My Mother’s Day | My Family

I mentioned to Jon on Mothers Day morning that after we got back from the beach I might want to drive out to Eden and get a few shots  of me and the kids. Honestly, I can get a little Type A about family pictures but I truly just wanted these to be a few, be easy, and not be a big deal. I wore the first thing I put on, grabbed the kids some clean clothes with no mind to colors or whatever. We didn’t even wear shoes. It was exactly what I wanted it to be – we took a few pictures and then explored a little. The mosquitoes weren’t even bad and we were the only ones out there which was nice this time of year. So thank you to my hubby for happily obliging me (let’s face it, he really always does & never says a word) and my kids, who actually had a good time and it shows <3

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And I think you can surmise what may have happened to Greyson’s shirt…being this his pants are wet lol!

MothersDayGreysonP I N

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