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Gradient Sky Overlays | Parfait & Bokeh Love

Gradient Sky Overlay P I N


Want skies that are a little less dramatic for normal editing, easier to use, and just for that little extra pop but not too much? I have something for you! My sky girls have been asking for a while for something more gradient like, less dramatic, perhaps some that fade more into tree lined images. So I sat down and crafted this gorgeous little set.


You want to know what else? Most of them double as gorgeous matte overlays. Oh my! Although I love the golden version of my original edit the addition of the Pink Fade Sky Overlay really made magic…

Photoshop Matte OverlayP I N


Wanna see one used as its original intention-a sky overlay? Orange Fade-Gosh at the warmth and depth this adds!

Gradient Sky OverlaysP I N

I love love love this shot but it was missing a little something…I found it!

Fall SkiesP I N

Sky Overlays P I N

I have always loved this image but it was lacking something and I never could find a sky I liked for it.

Orange Cream on Overlay mode added light which was gorgeous but

then when I changed to multiply it added just the right sky but if I wanted more drama I clipped

DramaticGradientBlur to it for the last one


You can use them as light leaks/toning agents for your images as well…This was done with Twilight Gradient. Original edit (first), Twilight Gradient applied as Soft Light at 72% for Light Leak/Toner, then same applied as Lighten at 24% as Matte Overlay


Light Leaks OverlaysP I N

curriebandaP I N

Want to know more about the Action Sets used on the above image as well? Sure just just them out in the store: HERE.

Sky Overlays that do double duty –  thats getting your money’s worth <3 What are you waiting for? You will use these for so many things, over and over again – have fun editing!