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Invest in yourself, your education, your craft…

We all have those things we struggle with right? Perhaps we have a sweet little girl who has a weird skin color or a baby boy with so much baby acne we aren’t sure what we are going to deliver to our clients…even a senior boy with acne or a gorgeous woman who we want to retouch naturally but beautifully.  So we google a million things and try to put it all together but it just doesn’t resonate-it isn’t concise. Introducing the Mini Series…series of mini photography tutorials.

I asked in my private groups about what some of those top struggles were and I got some amazing feedback so for the first two parts of The Mini Series we will be learning all about skin.

First, in Skin Tones, Colors Cast, & White Balance I show you how those things work together to give you gorgeous creamy skin tones both in camera & while editing, remove color casts, and see what role White Balance plays and how understanding how to get that taken care of can solve almost all your skin issues.

Then you can move on to Skin Retouching 101 and learn everything you need to know about tackling tough baby skin, remove acne & redness, remove wrinkles, natural smoothing, sharpening, perfectly colored & sharpened eyes, whiter teeth, and more!


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