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The Mini Series | Skin Tones, Color Casts, & White Balance Tutorial

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Photoshop Skin Tone Tutorial

Skin Tones, Color Casts, & White Balance

How they work together for gorgeous creamy skin tones.

Gold Foil blotch2

Overwhelmingly my girls said the things they struggle with the most are getting good skin tones and understanding what that means-how to get in camera and how  to edit when you don’t get them in camera.

This comprehensive mini tutorial will rock your world, or rather your skin tones! I cover the most important things to getting them right in camera but I also go through both Lightroom (also applicable to ACR) and Photoshop (also applicable to Elements) and show many different ways to correct skin tones, color casts, and how to see if your skin tones are on point. Got a little time? Want to improve your skills? Join me now!

Screenshots from the Actual Video:

Skin Tones Color Cast White Balance Tutorial


*Downloadable Video Tutorial | +1 Hour

*A 2 page Guide & Cheat Sheet on Skin Tones (pdf)

*Tips on getting it right in camera

*Correcting White Balance on RAW images properly (with numbers but its easy I promise)

*How to get that gorgeous creamy skin in LR/ACR, PS/PSE (not all methods will work in PSE due to lack of ability to use certain adjustments)

*A million ways (okay that is a little exaggerated) to correct skin tones & color casts

*Fixing already/over-edited skin tones

*Bonus-helping correct harsh shadows & highlights on the skin

*Bonus-Full RAW-to-gorgeous hand edit (no actions) for clean, creamy skin tones

(ALL SKIN TONE editing in the video are HAND EDITS-NO Actions)

*Bonus: Not to mention isn’t it cool to be a fly on the wall when someone is editing-shows you tons on behind the scenes as far as masking & layering and methodology!

*Bonus-Full Editing on RAW images in LR/ACR (hand edit)

*Bonus-Full Edit of image in PS using both hand edits & The Kansas Collection and The Fall Collections



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Wanna know a secret? While researching a few extra things to show you guys I learned a few things myself…I learned a way to keep my my style and clean up my images…

Clean Edits with White Balance Correction

Gold Foil blotch2

After you have taken the above Skin Tones, Color Cast, & White Balance Class you can move on to the fun stuff…

Skin  Retouching 101

Newborn Skin Editing


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