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The Sunkissed Collection | Photoshop & Elements Action Set by Kansas Pitts Photography


A Brilliance & Light Action Set for Photoshop & Elements

(compatible with CS4, CS5, CS6, CC and Elements 11+)

**You will receive BOTH the PS and the PSE Actions with one purchase**

(for those of you wanting to upgrade at some point from PSE to PS)

Gold Foil blotch2

Clean, bright beautiful finishes with options to add spring & summer hazes, bold colors, and unique touches (sun rays, rainbows, sunshine & more). I set out to create the most complete set of actions you will ever need to take your images straight of out camera to your clients, creating jaw-dropping edits. Whether you are looking for a crisp, clean spring edit or wanting something more bold and colorful, the Bright Brilliance Collection has it. With around 80 actions it has all essentials plus so much more including fixes for some common issues such as highlights, that lemon lime grass, brown water and tons more!


More examples below in the Slideshow (50+ examples)

13 Clean Actions for Bright, Crisp, Clean Edits

7 Toning Actions to add Cool, Warmth, Sunset Tones, Etc.

14 All Over Washes (Everything from Apple Pie to Whitewash to Sweet Tea & more!)

13 Matte Vignettes to Complement the Washes or Use Alone

6 Color Enhancing Actions (for flowers, background, eyes, clothes, etc.)

11 Interesting Fun Actions (Rainbows, Sun Rays, Lens Flare, Add Color to Water, etc.)

9 Bonus Actions (Fix Lemon Lime Grass, Highlights, Skin Bright & Smooth, etc)

**You will receive BOTH the PS and the PSE Actions with one purchase**

(for those of you wanting to upgrade at some point from PSE to PS)

(a few actions will vary in PSE or not be available due to lack of functionality;

see full PSE actions at the bottom)



A Mini Set of 19 Brilliance Presets for LR5

(image below slideshow)

As a bonus, purchase of the action set will admit you in to the Private Facebook Group for my actions with access to tutorials, feedback, and recipes. Just to begin with I have 70+ before and after with recipes in the group to show you how I got from SOOC to the edit you see – screenshots of my layer panel for each. I show examples of outdoor images in different settings, different lighting, I show indoor studio images, home lifestyle images, different genres, the whole gamut! They are gorgeous on everything 🙂 To show you them in action, the day after release (if you are reading this on release day) I will be doing a live training on YouTube Live with the actions and then uploading that recording for you to rematch at your leisure (make sure you have notifications turned on on my Facebook page to get info on that or subscribe to my YouTube channel). And, as with all of my groups, I check in once a week (or more) and assist, give feedback, etc.


Regular Price $95


 I can shoot a family session, come home with 600-700 images, cull, and fully edit in less than an hour. And they are all gorgeous-these are a time saver. Your time saved is worth it.

Please read  through the entire page for compatibility with your version and other info before purchasing | due to the digital nature of the this product no refunds will be given.


A Mini Set of 19 Brilliance Presets for LRv5

LRBonusCollection copy

Please read ALL before making a purchase.


1. Read over all materials on this page and in the store on the product you are purchasing PRIOR to purchasing.

2. There are NO refund (so make sure you purchase the correct version for your program(s) due to the digital nature of this product.

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