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The Ultimate Collection | Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets by Kansas Pitts




The Ultimate Collection



The Kansas Collection for Photoshop & The Kansas Collection for PSE

The Lush Collection of Presets & The Gulf Collection of Presets


Whether you are a Lightroom user or an ACR user, a Photoshop user or a PSE user, this is the only workflow set you will ever need. Not only does it take care of all the basics to make your images clean & crisp, colorful & beautiful, there is also plenty more to make your images dramatic, creative, rich, colorful, and eye catching!

I am so happy to be able to bring these actions to you. Although I released a hand full of these actions to those few that purchased the old post processing video, they were not available a la carte. So this is my first action set, my first preset release.  I took the ones we created before and have used for several years, made some tweaks, and added a more favorites that have helped my workflow tremendously. Then I took all the tweaks I do in LR every time for each type of image and I crafted some awesome presets to either use as a primer before you get into PS/PSE or as beautiful standalone, one-click edits. I know you will love all of these…why? Because I personally use them for every image I edit! And now you can join me in getting a wonderfully beautiful, clean but dramatic (if you want)-edits, while achieving great consistency and saving so much time in front of your computer so you can have more time for you, for your family! I can shoot a family session, come home with 600-1000 images, cull, and fully edit in less than an hour. And they are all gorgeous-if you don’t believe me, click my logo at the very top and go to my home page….all those images? Edited with these actions. It is liberating honestly. Hey we all know how to hand edit and we can tweak what we need to but if there is a one click option out there that will speed the repetitive parts of our editing then why not, right? Your time saved is worth it.

So here we go…please read  through the entire page for compatibility with your version and other info before purchasing | due to the digital nature of the this product no refunds will be given so please, please make sure you purchase the correct version for your programs.


Kansas Pitts Photoshop Actions

Although these were created for Photoshop, I have crafted the set into a PSE Set as well and everything has tested fantastically (see notes under Compatibility below)

This set is complete with actions to give your image a clean, crisp look or continue on for some  gorgeous drama, color, and  boldness. A little something for everything. This collection is how I edit every single one of my images; not just beach, my Eden State Gardens images, my kids images, firework images, even studio images! I will be sharing my recipes with you on how I craft these simple, easy to use, one-click actions into jaw dropping edits. My testers will also be sharing all their recipes in the group from the examples you are seeing!


What you get

The Kansas Collection

Photoshop CS5+


Arise & Shine | Wake up your images with one click. This is my go-to action, the first thing I do…from newborns to portraits, weddings, and editorial…even underwater images, I literally run this on every single image I edit with zero tweaks. Within seconds get that crisp, clean look you crave.

 Bold, Beautiful Skies | Ever wonder how I get my skies so bold, dramatic, and colorful? This is it. In less than a few seconds it completely transforms my skies. Recently I have been using it on all backgrounds (lush, green, wood, etc.) for lots of bold color and to bring out that gorgeous bokeh. It runs at a lower opacity so make sure you increase for more drama, more color, more beauty!

 Luminous Light | Ever feel like your image is just lacking something? Yeah I call that luminosity. Just adds some yummy glow to your images. Gorgeous on skin and backlit images.

 Rosegold Glow | Everyone knows I love gold but I also love that pink glow you can get from a beautiful sunrise or sunset-this action will give you that gorgeous glow. If you have my skies, this is in the bonus action pack and the girls love it!

 Warm Spotlight | Another action I run on almost every single image I edit. It just gives this soft, warm spotlight to the most important subjects in your images. Don’t forget, double click on the gradient icon to move this around with your arrow tool (just hit V to pull that tool up).

 Sunset Spice | Warm, yummy and slightly matte…this one is especially good for backlit images just to give them a warm glow.

Color Craze | Add a gorgeous pop of color to your entire image or just parts of it within seconds.

 Vivacious | I use this on every non-beach image I edit…This action adds a bit of color, a bit of blur, and beautiful contrast to really enhance the light, lushness, and bokeh in your backgrounds.

 Vignette | An old standby (Not in PSE)

Vignette | Paint On

 Twinkle | Want to sharpen the eyes a bit? Or even enhance water droplets, bubbles, glitter, or sequins on a dress? Add some sparkle to a macro ring shot for your bride? Within seconds brush on a little twinkle.

 Mattify | With one click, this action adds a silky matte finish to your images and advises you on how to modify it to your liking if you want more or less!

 Bright it Back | This action helps you recover those gorgeous highlights and bring back your sky, water, or anything else that is almost blown.

 Brighten/Deepen | After running this action you can brush on brightness or depth to any part of your image. Really transform where the eye goes in your images.

 Bump the Contrast | Add a pop of contrast to give you image a little depth. It is also great to help cut fog or haze.

 Pinkalicious | Don’t want the Rosegold? This adds a beautiful rustic pink blush to your sky.

 Golden Skies | Don’t want the Rose? Drop a touch of gold across your sky.

 Sharpen Noise | Reduce noise and sharpen in one fell swoop. It also adds a little painterly effect to your image.

 Just Sharpen Up | Don’t need to reduce noise? Then just sharpen up!

 Reduce the Noise | Don’t need sharpening but have some pesky noise? This is the ticket to reduce that!

 Save for Facebook | The world sees your images on social media and Facebook is still that place. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward every time with this action.


The Kansas Collection

PSE 10-13



Same as the above Photoshop Actions


Extra Actions just for PSE 8, 9, 10 | Due to its limited function ability I have an action to help you use the actions more like you could if you had a newer version.

Ungroup for Layers | I don’t usually open my actions because I have them just like I like but if you want, since they run as a flat layer in these versions you can select the layer of the action and run this action to open it up!


PSE8 – the actions have been tested for PSE8+9 but there are a few that you have to add a layer mask to yourself & they tend to be buggy (work sometimes and not others). Hayley was my PSE8 Tester….Here was one of hers with PSE 8



Before & After Facebook v4



Plus almost 100 Recipe Cards in the FB group you join (recipes show PS/PSE/LR/ACR combos)




ACR or LR Presets to do all those basic RAW edits I love! Either prime your images for further editing in PS/PSE (which is what I do) or just leave a beautiful clean edit, a matte finish, even a film look without any further editing needed. There is truly something for everyone…did I mention Underwater Presets (in the Gulf Collection)?! Ready to purchase? Click below, but don’t forget to look for special bundles in the store to get the most bang for your buck!


What you get


The Lush Collection

(Basics to help you achieve a well adjusted image going into Photoshop along with presets that edit your image in one quick click)

Total of 28 Presets  for LRv5 (about 3 less for ACR and LRv4 and less due to compatibility)

Lush Basic (Cooler), Lush Basic (Darker), Lush Basic (Warmer), Lush Basic (Neutral), Lush Film (Cooler), Lush Matte (Cooler), Lush Warm Film, Lush Warm Matte + the Basics listed below


The Gulf Collection

(Basics to help you achieve a well adjusted image going into Photoshop along with presets that edit your image in one quick click. The Gulf Collection also includes underwater presets for various types of underwater shots.)

Total of 31 Presets for Lrv5 (about 3 less for ACR and LRv4 and less due to compatibility)

Brighten the Corners (Anti Len Vignetting), Cool Film, Just Cool Me Down, Underwater (Green Tint), Underwater (Pools), Underwater Springs), The Basics (Cooler), The Basics (Neutral WB), The Basics (Warmer), The Basics (Warmest), Matte (Cooler), Warm Film, Warm Matte, etc + The Basics listed below.


Included in both the Gulf & the Lush Collection are the basics:

Just Brighten Up, Just Keep the People, Pop the Color, Pop the Contrast, Keep the Sky, Soft Spotlight (center), Soft Spotlight (left), Soft Spotlight (right), Reduce the Noise, Warm Me Up, Luminous Skin, Skin Toner (rid the red), Mono, Mono Film, Mono Film Matte, Vignette

Plus almost 100 Recipe Cards in the FB group you join (recipes show PS/PSE/LR/ACR combos)

photoshop recipes


Okay so what will these work with?

The Photoshop actions have been tested in CS5, CS6, CC+

ACR  have been tested with versions complimenting CS6 and above

They have been tested with Lightroom 5 and above with full functionality.

Lightroom 3-4’s functionality won’t allow for 3 of the of the minor presets in the Lush/3 in the Gulf; the rest are compatible. Also be advised unless you have a workaround, LR3-4 doesn’t support some RAW files and these presets are for RAW files for their best application.

PSE (Elements)’s Actions have been tested with versions 10 and above will full functionality. Versions 8-9 have been tested with limited functionality (99.8% of them work fine but can be buggy due to the age of the version). Versions 8-9 will only work within the confines of the functionality of that version however Haley (in the before and afters) was using that version and you can see the gorgeousness she got!

Please note: (ACR for PSE does not have preset abilities)

There will be instructions included to help you install but you can also google as there are many ways to install in PSE it seems!


Please read ALL before making a purchase.


1. Read over all materials on this page and in the store on the product you are purchasing PRIOR to purchasing.

2. There are NO refund (so make sure you purchase the correct version for your program(s) due to the digital nature of this product.

3. Your purchase will go to your Paypal email – please please change your paypal email before purchasing if it isn’t your email (info HERE).

4. The second your download your product BACK IT UP – more info in your zipped file about that.

5. Kansas Pitts Actions and Preset Collections and products are copyright of Kansas Pitts Photography. It is illegal to redistribute any of the materials in any way.  No sharing the files with anyone including, but not limited to, friends, family, fellow photographers, business partners.