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Presely Grace | Fireball

(**You may have seen a lot of these that I edited for the release of The Fall Collection – I edited them tame and then crazy fall-like to show the span of the action set. I finally had a chance to go back and edit a few more of my favs so I could share…getting the blog all fall-i-fied if you will.**)

Its still 90+ degrees outside and the humidity is stifling but soon enough the air will feel a little cool and the smoky aroma in the air will come from bonfires and fire pits instead of this candle on my desk. I won’t need the air conditioner to cool off the house, I can just open a door and let the fresh fall air fill the house. But, for now I can pretend…watch a little college football with the air turned down, slip a little Fireball in some hot apple cider, cuddle up with my hubby beside the fire pit while the kids swim and pretend we aren’t sweating. It will come soon enough, just a little later for us Floridians. At least we can still enjoy the beach, most likely for a few months yet honestly. Fall is my favorite time of year for all the traditional fall stuff but it is for the beach too…the surf¬†seems a little more calm, the beaches less packed, the air not as damp. We really do have the best of both worlds here…my little Fireball let me play the other day. I love taking pictures of my babies…and who can say no to a gold Tutu Du Monde?!

CloseAfterP I NFallEditFirefliesAfterP I NFallEditSparklersP I NPresely50mmAfterMatteP I NPreselyChairAfterP I NPreselyGoldP I NPresley200AfterP I NPresleyFlareAFterP I NPresleyGold-1P I NPresleyGold-3P I NPresleyGold-4P I NPresleyGold-5P I NPresleyGold-7P I NPresleyGold-10P I NPresleyLightSparklersBAfterP I NRedShoesMatteP I NRunningAfterMatteP I NStandingBeforelessP I N


I love love love editing my own pictures-I can go dramatic or not, matte or not…Sometimes its fun just to let go and do whatever you want with an image <3 These were all edited with the a combination of the Kansas Collection & The (new) Fall Collection! ¬†Info below:


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