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Presley Grace is 5 | a rustic whimsical birthday session

Okay this wasn’t much of a “session” – it was more like a 15 minute free for all. Presley Grace says to me that she would like to take pictures for her birthday like we did last year (and I loved those although I don’t think I ever finished editing them-the cobblers children right?). We were going to go down to the beach but she insisted on going down the road to the same place in a big flashy coral dress (for those who have asked HERE is the dress) with a purple rhinestone necklace and a peacock headband. That is just like her – crazy and chaotic and flashy and fun and gaudy. I mean this is seriously how most of it goes….but I love that she is like this – she was my little 4 lb 15 ozs teeny tiny baby girl so she has come a long way (if you are the type who likes birth stories here it is).


PresleyP I N


I wrote this on Facebook on her birthday the other day and I think it says just what I feel… “Don’t blink…how does 5 years go by so very fast? I got pregnant with Presley Grace the week after Greyson weaned at 11 months old. Came back from LA from a vacation with Jon to a big fat plus sign. I was shocked and the next 2-3 years would fly by being wrapped up with those two (plus their big sister Olivia). Its days like today when I realize I hardly can remember most of it just trying to make it through each day, that I am truly happy that I took pictures of everything. I was hustling to build my photography business in the midst of all of that and enraptured by both my growing babies and my growing business. It was a crazy few years. Presley has grown into our wild child-she is the one who says anything, the one you really can’t get on to without laughing because she knows just what crazy thing to say to throw you off. She keeps us on our toes and the fact that she basically busted out her front teeth when she was about 2 (see I can’t remember anything!) actually fits her personality. She is a whirlwind of freckles and curls and princess & tomboy all rolled into one. I hope she stays that way-she thinks she can do anything and she’s not afraid to try it. She is exactly the little bit of crazy we need. I love her and I can’t believe she is 5 today.”


I did this and it literally made me start crying…ahhh my mommy heart…

YearlyP I N

PresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyis5-33P I N
PresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I NPresleyP I N
PresleyP I N


I simply could not decide between the color or the black & white – I mean seriously, can you blame me? PresleyP I NPresleyis5-PresleyP I N

SHARE TOF A C E B O O K____________SHARE TOP I N T E R E S T____________SHARE TOT W I T T E R ____________
  • February 9, 2015 - 2:35 pm

    Sharon Neves - Oh WOW! These are gorgeous! I LOVE the ones where she is sitting down! Such an amazing memory for her as she gets bigger!

  • February 23, 2015 - 12:02 am

    Jennifer Disbrow - These are so incredible, you are so amazingly talented….your work by far is one of my favorites to follow. I feel like I know your daughters personality so well, you really do a fantastic job of telling a story through these, she is one lucky little lady to have such amazing photos of her childhood! I hoe you can take my little families photos one day! I really need to make it to one of your workshops! Sincerely,
    Jennifer Disbrow Photography

  • February 23, 2015 - 12:46 am

    kansas - Awe thank you Jennifer 🙂 She a spunky one!

  • February 23, 2015 - 12:46 am

    kansas - Thanks Sharon 🙂

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