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THE 100 | Brand New Sky Overlays and Cloud Overlays to Fit Any Image {Black Friday Photography Exclusive}



This Black Friday I want you to get ready to catch up on all your family pictures from the summer, wrap up those beautiful fall sessions, and get ready for the spring & summer and use these brand new sky and cloud overlays to turn all those image from ordinary to extraordinary! Seriously, a few minutes, some time and attention can really make your images stand out. I love the transformation a great sky can give – some days I don’t get the look I want but give me a few minutes and one of these 100 skies and I can transform that image into something spectacular. I am lucky enough to usually have amazing sunsets and beautiful skies but that doesn’t always happen. For instance, the day we shot my family images in the cotton field guess what? That sky was completely clear (and not in a good way) and I had taken so much time and attention to our clothing selections and styling that I really wanted this to work. After all, I don’t want to get 4 kids dressed and drive an hour north again if I could help it. Not to mention the cotton was going to be harvested the next day. I didn’t have a choice to wait for some gorgeous day. In the back of my mind, though, I knew I had a secret…my sky collection. I have been holding these to release on a special day (and what day is more special to us shopaholic photoging women? Black Friday, am I right?); these have been my secret stash for a little while but now I want to share them with everyone…and at great price only for Black Friday!


You want to know something else? I use them for texture and even bokeh! A pretty rose gold sky blurred to the max can provide such a pretty glow to a landscape around your family sessions. I love these before and afters and I hope they will give you just a taste of how these skies can really enhance your images!





This digital download comes with 100 beautifully edited skies-I mean seriously one for everything (including rainbows & moons & suns).


These also come with bonus actions (just a little something extra to help fine tune your skies):

Turn It Upside Down (Rotation)

Make it Portrait (To fit your portrait style images)

Blur Me Baby (Blur those skies to match)

Warm Me Up (Add that signature warmth)

Rosegold Glow (Add a little rose golden color)


Access to the Private Facebook Group for Sky Purchasers where I have tutorials available for lots of situations 😉

(A link for approval will be provided in your confirmation email-please allow 48 hours for approval and if your

name on Facebook is different than your purchasing name please let me know at kansasleah@yahoo.com)


Want them now? For a very limited Black Friday Sale Only time get them for $49 (regular price will be $99) 50% OFF!

Purchase Here:



**Due to the nature of this product no refunds will be issued for any reason. Also it is a digital product and the box is just for representative purposes**





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