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The Birth of Jay Asher | Birth Photography

My nephew, my 4th actually, was born into this world on Easter Sunday at Gulf Coast Medical Center. My sister in law was amazing and the boys were soooo excited (in case you can’t tell in the pictures). They watched over their mom, asked questions, and as Asher arrived they couldn’t help but inch forward to see their new brother. I think I was doing the ugly cry behind my camera!

JAPitts-1P I NJAPitts-2P I NJApitts-3P I NJApitts-9P I NJApitts-12P I NJApitts-13P I NJApitts-14P I NJApitts-23P I NJApitts-33P I NJApitts-36P I NJApitts-44P I NJApitts-48P I NJApitts-51P I NJApitts-60P I NJApitts-65P I NJApitts-71P I NJApitts-79P I NJApitts-81P I NJApitts-87P I NJApitts-89P I NJApitts-96P I NJApitts-102P I NJApitts-103P I NJApitts-114P I NJApitts-117P I NJApitts-123P I NJApitts-124P I N


JApitts-98P I NJApitts-125P I NJApitts-126P I NJApitts-128P I NJApitts-135P I NJApitts-140P I N

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