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The DuBose Family | Colorful Sunset Family Beach Pictures in South Walton

Thea is hysterical – seriously hilarious. I have a feeling if she lived here (you know, at the beach) we would be great friends <3 And David has that same sarcastic humor that she does; and I love it! At the least the kids take it in stride lol We had a gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous, sunset session on Sunday afternoon – to.die.for! Anyway now that she has seen them and we both LOVE them, I can share them with the world! Make sure you scroll alllll the way down because it just got prettier and prettier out there!


Before I forget to mention, Thea is a photog in Georgia (check her out at Naturally Posh)!
Dubose-2P I N

Dubose-4P I N
Dubose-5P I N

Dubose-10P I NDubose-9P I NDubose-8P I N
Dubose-11P I NDubose-15P I NDubose-18P I NDubose-19P I NDubose-21P I NDubose-23P I NDubose-25P I NDubose-26P I NDubose-30P I NDubose-31P I NDubose-32P I NUntitled-1P I N

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