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the duren family | a portrait workshop session kansas pitts beach retreat

I am catching up on some 2014 blogging to start the new year off. I realized I haven’t even blogged the November Beach Retreat! Not only that, but we don’t just do the beach when we do our workshops-I mean seriously, even if you are a “beach” photographer you still do much more than just the beach, right? I have photographed Baby Caroline (not a baby anymore 🙁 Since she was a newborn and she has grown into a sweet, vivacious little girl and look at those lashes!! She is beautiful like her mommy 🙂

These were all shot with one lens-can you guess which one? And don’t forget I have two workshops open at the moment #1 Oak Island, NC http://kansaspitts.com/april-workshop-announcement-kansas-pitts-in-oak-island-north-carolina/ and #2 Santa Rosa Beach (http://kansaspitts.com/march-2015-workshop-announcement-kansas-pitts-photography-workshops/)

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