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The Fall Collection

Bring some fall magic to your fall portraits this season with two amazing options to help you kick off the fall portrait season in style.


Option One

Fall Photoshop Actions


Just The Fall Collection Action Set

The Fall Collection is a set of 18 gorgeous actions to address common fall issues (too much green in early fall & in, well, Florida and those other states that are behind the curve and too much blue for those places that get fall too early and for those early [blue] sunsets), to bring in gorgeous warmth to wrap around all those cute fall outfits your clients have planned, and add some amazing fall color no matter where you are! With this, you will receive entrance into our fabulous Private Purchasers Action/Preset Group on Facebook where I have installation tutorials and we post before and afters and get constructive critiques, etc. In the group will be an extensive silent editing video so you can watch me and how I use the actions (the workshop option below has full editing + hand editing) extensively. These were created and tested in Photoshop (CS5+ tested) and have been tested with PSE13 (so it should work down to PSE 11). More before and afters below….



Look below Option Two for some before and afters!


(all with the fall collection)


Gold Foil blotch2

Option Two

Fall Portrait Workshop


The Fall Collection + Mini Workshop

Watch me shoot, learn my camera settings, and the whys of my subject placement & light, and watch my shoot in some gorgeous backlighting (the kind you hope to bring into your fall images)-complete with me going back and plugging in edited images to show you the result of that shot. Then we head back to the studio where you can watch me hand edit a few of these and show you some fall editing secrets and then I will even give you a tutorial on getting the most from the included Fall Collection. Also included, as a bonus for those investing in their further education by purchasing this mini workshop, an exclusive (meaning no one else will have them and they are freaking gorgeous) set of fall sunset skies to enhance those late fall afternoon images that your clients will surely be wanting to put on their Christmas cards this year! Want more details?

*You receive The Fall Collection as described in Option 1 (above).

*The Mini Fall Workshop which is hosted online & you will have access for an entire year-log in whenever you want.

The workshop is 1.5+ hours long. You will watch me shoot in a lush green area in the afternoon with my daughter, Presley (actual session images HERE). I shoot for about 25 minutes (show about 15), the what & whats of my camera settings, my positioning, her positioning as it relates to the sun, when it goes down, etc. I go over cutting sun flare but also adding it (in camera) as well as sun haze. Then we go back to the studio and I will hand edit (no actions) a few of the images from the session more in depth on a fall edit. Then I also go through The Fall Collection and show you how to get the most out of the use of the action set so you can do quick, easy, dramatic fall edits consistently.

*Fall Sunset, a jaw-dropping set of gorgeous fall sunset skies with all the beautiful tones that will match your fall images (with this you will also receive access into the Private Purchasers Sky group on FB with access to all my sky tutorials and more).

*SOMETHING NEW! A Layered PSD file of a full edit I did with the hand editing as well as the actions of one of the images I edited in the video so you can download and look into how I did what I did to refresh your memory and also to give you a road map to achieve that kind of edit.

This is a $265 Value for only $225 (regular price)

but….until Monday at Midnight (get yours before you start your holiday weekend & be ready to tackle your fall when you come back!) get it for


No coupon code needed-sale reflected in the store

labor day

These are the two hand edits you will see from start to finish (no actions and to include every single thing you see changed from before to after as shown) + then editing them with the actions. That way you get to see what goes in the actions so you know them intimately and can better work with them + you get some awesome tips & tricks to use in Photoshop to use on your images anytime!

Before and After Fall EditBefore and After Fall Edit

You also see me edit with voiceover these two with the action set & then a huge amount via silent (but slow) action editing (those will be in the group).


And, of course, I always like to show me using someone else’s image so thanks Petra!



Click Below The Option you Want to Buy Now…

And then whip out some old images, re-edit them and get your fall portrait campaign in full swing with gorgeous, eye catching edits!

Don’t forget, sale is only on until Monday at midnight-get yours now, don’t get busy with the holiday weekend and forget! No retroactive discounts. Sale reflected in the store so no coupon code needed!

labor day



Option One

(Just The Fall Collection)

Fall Photoshop Actions OR

Option Two

(The Fall Mini Workshop + Fall Collection + Fall Sunset Sky Collection)

Fall Portrait Workshop


Gold Foil blotch2

As you guys know, I love drama, well dramatic edits anyway. So my edits are going to be drastic but yours don’t have to. For instance, that first image I did in a less dramatic and a more dramatic for you. These can add such a gorgeous touch to any image!

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Please read ALL before making a purchase.


1. Read over all materials on this page and in the store on the product you are purchasing PRIOR to purchasing.

2. There are NO refunds due to the digital nature of this product so make sure you purchase the correct version for your program.

3. Your purchase will go to your Paypal email – please please change your paypal email before purchasing if it isn’t your email (info HERE).

4. The second your download your product BACK IT UP – more info in your zipped file about that.

5. Kansas Pitts Actions and Preset Collections and products are copyright of Kansas Pitts Photography. It is illegal to redistribute any of the materials in any way.  No sharing the files with anyone including, but not limited to, friends, family, fellow photographers, business partners.




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