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The Magic of Light | Lighting in Different Situations



Light seekers know that great lighting can make a parking lot sparkle and bad lighting can make even the most gorgeous setting just plain ugly. I thought I might put together a tutorial on how to photograph in different lighting from the worst dappled lighting you can imagine to the yummiest light possible including ways to modify the light without fancy things or artificial light. In order to show you I used the exact same location – lets compare apples to apples shall we? I’ll explain this short and sweet:

Part I Photographing during Golden Hour or Afternoon on a Fully Cloudy Day

Part 2 Photographing Mid morning in Bright Dappled Light

Part 3 Making the Most of the Yummiest Light | Photographing in Gorgeous Golden Hour Light

Part 4 Analysis of the Images and Settings Used

Part 5 Editing Tips & Tricks


Lighting Tutorial


What you get:

-Ability to watch both on demand and/or download the video for keeps (if you purchase vs “rent”).

-59 minute long video showing shooting in three lighting scenarios with commentary on how to handle each situation with the best results.

-Analysis of settings used, lenses used, positioning.

-Editing tips and tricks.

-the best tweaks in Lightroom (can be applied in ACR/Photoshop as well) for each scenario.

-some hand edits in Photoshop.

-including how to use one easy layer in Photoshop to transform your image/enhance your background/skin/depth of image (only difference in sides is the dodge & burning):

dodge and burn tutorial


How to get it:

I went with a different option this time, switching to a platform that is more user friendly with more options. You can click below to purchase the video which gives you lifetime access and the ability to download or you can choose the rent option which allows for a 6 month rental (no download option unless you upgrade to the purchase option):



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