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The Meyers Family Beach Session on the Beaches of South Walton

So Keri, Dave, & the boys made the trek from Arizona (by trek, I mean they DROVE!) a few weeks ago. We usually meet up someplace, just the adults so it was time for the kids to hang out. It was wildly successful and I think we didn’t stop going the entire time they were here – the beach, beach bonfires with s’mores, the boat (including the water couch lol), restaurants, grilling, the pool…it was so much fun! Somewhere in there we grabbed a few minutes for some family beach pictures; after all, you can’t come here without taking something beautiful home 🙂


And yes, this is Ms. Keri Meyers from Keri Meyers Photography if you thought you recognized her 🙂 Baby whisperer extraordinaire…in fact, the day they arrived I had done one of three baby sessions I have had in the last little bit after not photographing any newborns for quite a few months and I told I don’t know how she photographs so many without a back brace!


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