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The Withers Family | Virtual Photography Workshop Family at Eden State Gardens

So Addi & Noah are on my kids’ tball team and Christina and Jed are our neighbors on a street over and they are so flippin sweat! When I needed a family to photograph for my virtual workshop I knew if she could do it she would love it. Thankfully they were able to do and I can’t say enough how sweet the kids were-I am used to seeing them running around on the field with my kids but they were awesome! It was such a truly fun little session and I loved so many from it. I hope she does too 🙂 Jed even brought his drone out for me and Kalli to get some footage for the virtual workshop so they played on the beach while I did the beach sunset session with Kayla (her session-the other workshop session-HERE). Some of his drone footage is on the Meet Kansas page in another little video that Kalli did for me. Want to sign up to find out about the release of the workshop video  (which may include some exclusive discounts hint hint)? Definitely…just click HERE and be in the know!


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