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Introducing Custom Designed, Small Group Workshops! I know it is hard to plan around pre-planned workshop dates; seriously I book things more than a year in advance sometimes! With kids and school and schedules it is hard to fit in a great workshop no matter how bad you want their dates to work. I had an epiphany; instead of me choosing when and where-you get to! Before your mind spins out of control, let me explain. You and a minimum of 2 other photographers (total of 3) or a maximum of 4 other photographers (total of 5) get to get together and have me come to you at a date we agree upon that fits both our schedules. Whether you guys are all local to the same area or one of you lives someplace that the others want to go to or you just want to go some other place or even here, it puts you in control of your workshop. Not only that, we can plan the sessions around what you guys want to learn…you see my entire repertoire of photography so you can choose what you want to learn. Whatever sessions you choose we will still go over everything else like my other workshops-editing, marketing, business, handling clients, booking clients, SEO, blogging, camera settings, shooting techniques, backlighting, the list goes on and on 🙂

For instance, we did 4 sessions at my last workshop (one from each below-I won’t bore you with tons of images of my work; since you are here, I assume you know my work). I chose them based on the girls aspirations for that workshop however I couldn’t cover everything everyone wanted because there were 8 or 10 girls and only so much time in the day but when you are together with the attendees of your choice you guys can decide what you want to learn.


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The Details

Cost: $2,200 per person (which includes my travel to you or your accommodations here if you choose to come here just like the beach retreat INFO HERE)

Location: You Choose (anywhere in the continental United States or make your own beach retreat) (locals or those that teach workshops currently are prohibited from attending 🙁

What you Need to Bring: A basic knowledge of Photoshop & Lightroom (actually you don’t need to know this as you will also receive my post processing video which will completely get you up to speed on LR and is a great introduction to PS and a fabulous set of new skills for those well versed in PS), your own camera (I will be shooting manual and encourage you to do so also and will obviously assist you if you need help), all your lenses (and I will give recommendations on ones to rent if you’d like to try something new as well), and a laptop if you want to follow along or just a notepad and an open ear & observant eye.

What I Hope you Walk Away With: Wow! So much…either brand new LR and PS skills or an enhancement of what you know, a renewed sense of creativity, knowledge of finding the right light at different times of day, shooting backlit images, where to place your subjects as it relates to the light source, shooting in open sun, editing to make you images pop, working an amazing but efficient workflow, marketing, blog, and SEO assistance, business practices, and many fabulous images for your portfolio and so much more! With the workshop you will receive all my skies (and the bonus sky actions), the post processing video along with the Collaborative Action set from myself and Michelle Kane which includes the action I use on my natural skies to get them to be absolutely amazing! (more on the video & actions HERE)

What You are Responsible for: Giving me travel advice (airports and such) and helping to locate “models” if need be.

What you need to do to to start the process? Just gather those that you want to do the workshop with and complete this form as a group and we will start planning! Be advised, I will be taking these on an extremely limited basis 😉

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