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A North Carolina Photography Workshop | Oak Island Beach Retreat

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Last weekend I had the honor of traveling to Oak Island, North Carolina to teach one of my portrait workshops. It was awesome…I only wished I had stayed longer! This one was more of a test than normal because I had to travel solo with all my equipment (including the drone because I wanted to do some drone footage but then I forgot my card and couldn’t use it for the beach portion because we had to change that for sunrise) and early on I noticed a big (95%) rain chance for the afternoon. I monitored the weather and decided to reserve the workshop and do the beach session at sunrise (yes 6am people) and then everything else following that. It worked out gorgeously as you can see from the video and the images but it did start raining halfway through the Airlie Gardens sessions (you can see the rain in some of the open sky shots). So a special thanks to my families because they got up early for us and stood in the rain for us – you guys rock! And thanks to the girls to be so willing to change things up so we could really get some beautiful conditions. My only regret is not being able to see those beautiful gardens bathed in sunlight – all that grey did not do it justice!

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This was my last scheduled in person workshop of the year because my year, as well as yours I am sure, is getting ready to be crazy busy. No time to teach (and no time for you to travel before all the portraits start for the year) soooo at the end of the video you may see mention (if you haven’t see or heard yet) of the virtual portrait workshop – it is being released TOMORROW! Soooooo anyway find out a few more details HERE and then even more on Cinco de Mayo!!!! Want to see some stills from the workshop? Ummmm yes!

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