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Baby Augie | A Home Lifestyle Baby Session

Baby Augie is a living doll <3 Truly, can you not tell? He woke up as I arrived and kicked around, looking up and smiling. He never even as much whimpered through all the clothing changes until the very end…but who can blame him? He was getting a little hungry. No worries, though, he completely rocked this session before his snack! Wanna see just how much this chunky monkey has changed?!

6 month ago | kansas studios

Augie-1P I N


Currently…captured in their newly remodeled Destin home – it was gorgeous and so modern, full of light…perfect for a home baby session! (For you Photographers, these were edited simply with Arise & Shine, Warm Spotlight, & SharpenNoise from The Kansas Collection)

Augie6Months-2P I NAugie6Months-30P I NAugie6Months-31P I NAugie6Months-11P I NAugie6Months-23P I NAugie6Months-28P I NAugie6Months-12P I NAugie6Months-16P I N

Augie6Months-1BWP I NAugie6Months-4P I NAugie6Months-5P I NAugie6Months-6P I NAugie6Months-7bwP I NAugie6Months-10bwP I NAugie6Months-15P I NAugie6Months-18P I NAugie6Months-20P I NAugie6Months-21P I NAugie6Months-33P I NAugie6Months-36P I NAugie6Months-41P I NAugie6Months-42P I N

And how about these sweet words from mama?! Blows me away…seriously!

ReviewP I NBTSAugieP I N

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