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Bands of 30-a Storm Benefit Concert at Gulf Place in South Walton

My talented cousin, Casey Kearney with Casey Kearney Music put together this amazing benefit concert along with the awesome sponsors listed above after her father went to Texas to assist with the cleanup and rebuilding from Hurricane Harvey. When she first hatched the idea it was before Hurricane Irma came for Florida so it turned into a Storm Benefit Concert for both. She is hoping to do more concerts since this one was so successful-she and the sponsors put it together in a week and a half and in one afternoon raised over $14,000 which can go a long long way in rebuilding…to follow upcoming concerts check them out on IG @bandsof30a and on Facebook Bands of 30-a.


Bands of 30-a at Gulf PlaceP I NBands of 30-a at Gulf PlaceP I N
Bandsof30aSept17-96P I NBandsof30aSept17-94P I NBandsof30aSept17-90P I NBandsof30aSept17-88P I NBandsof30aSept17-86P I NBandsof30aSept17-82P I NBandsof30aSept17-80P I NBandsof30aSept17-78P I NBandsof30aSept17-74P I NBandsof30aSept17-72P I NBandsof30aSept17-71P I NBandsof30aSept17-68P I NBandsof30aSept17-63P I NBandsof30aSept17-58P I NBandsof30aSept17-56P I NBandsof30aSept17-52P I NBandsof30aSept17-51P I NBandsof30aSept17-44P I NBandsof30aSept17-43P I NBandsof30aSept17-38P I NBandsof30aSept17-34P I NBandsof30aSept17-31P I NBandsof30aSept17-29P I NBandsof30aSept17-27P I NBandsof30aSept17-10P I NBandsof30aSept17-7P I NBandsof30aSept17-3P I N


Bandsof30aSept17Drone-2P I N


CollageP I N

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