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Ginger and Pears A Portrait Session by Kansas Pitts Photography

I took these last year and only edited one or two…for some reason I was thinking about them the other day (probably because I have a large metal of this first one hanging in my living room) and wanted to finish editing them. That is one of the reasons I love using my actions to edit-no matter that I edited some a year ago and some tonight, they are consistent 🙂 If you haven’t checked them out The Kansas Collection and the Ultimate Collection are my FAVS – those are all I used on these (presets from the Ultimate Collection and actions that are both in the Kansas Collection for PS and also included in that Ultimate Collection). If you need them for Elements I have those too HERE and HERE.

Anyway my old neighbor had a pear tree in their backyard and one day I noticed how yummy the light was and I glanced over at my sweet little 2 year old red head and had him grab a wagon and head over. In a matter of minutes I had a group of images that I have loved ever since. I mean we might as well have taken these in a pear field but there was just one tree, a ladder, and a wagon with some sweet light!

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