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Petite Valentine’s Sessions at Kansas Studios | Santa Rosa Beach Studio Photographer

Hudson & Lucy helped me test my setup….sweet puppy love!

HudsonVDay-5webP I N


And then Olivia took advantage of the set up and my camera sitting there before they began the other day and got this cute one of Lucy Dog!

Lucy-1webP I N


Before I get too far into this…I am thinking about doing one more day of these but haven’t decided – I may be sending out information in the locals only newsletter so sign up if you are interested: HERE

Friday was filled with giggles and smiles and cookie and m&m bribing and gorgeous little kiddies. I love seeing all my little baby planners coming back for these minis because I get to check in on them between family sessions. Mini sessions are such a good way to keep your kid’s pictures updated! Like one of the mommies said today, they are changing so much, so fast, you just want to capture it all anytime you can! I tried to set up a beautiful and unique Valentine’s backdrop as well as have another option that was not themed for a few and then some of us went outside when it wasn’t windy. I love still being able to give something unique and lots of options even for mini sessions! kansas pitts valentineP I NCarolineVDay-4P I NCarolineVDay-5P I NCarolineVDay-9P I NCarolineVDay-11P I NCarolineVDay-12P I NCarolineVDay-13P I NCarolineVDay-14P I NCarolineVDay-15P I NCarolineVDay-18P I NCarolineVDay-20P I NCarolineVDay-22P I Nkansas pitts valentineP I N


Each session yielded at least 25 images and their black & white counterparts!

GalleryP I N


MylesVDay-3P I NMylesVDay-4P I NMylesVDay-8P I NMylesVDay-12P I NMylesVDay-14P I NMylesVDay-18P I NMylesVDay-21P I NMylesVDay-22P I NMylesVDay-24P I NScreen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.52.11 PMP I N


MalinVDay-7P I N


Yes, this one is out of focus…and I don’t know why but it may literally be my favorite from the entire day. Weird huh?MalinVDay-8P I NMalinVDay-10P I NMalinVDay-11P I NMalinVDay-15P I NMalinVDay-18P I NMalinVDay-20P I NMalinVDay-23P I NMalinVDay-28P I NScreen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.19.19 PMP I N


AsherVDay-1P I NAsherVDay-5P I NAsherVDay-7P I NAsherVDay-8P I NAsherVDay-10P I NAsherVDay-12P I NAsherVDay-16P I NAsherVDay-23P I NAsherVDay-25P I N


AsherGalleryP I N
TerraVday-1P I NTerraVday-10P I NTerraVday-11P I NTerraVday-17P I NTerraVday-19P I NTerraVday-21P I NTerraVday-23P I N

GalleryP I N
TheoVDay-1P I NTheoVDay-2P I NTheoVDay-5P I NTheoVDay-9P I NTheoVDay-13P I NTheoVDay-16P I NTheoVDay-17P I NTheoVDay-20P I NTheoVDay-23P I N

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.27.08 PMP I N


PiperVDay-3P I NPiperVDay-6P I NPiperVDay-8P I NPiperVDay-12P I NPiperVDay-17P I N

We had to bring in reinforcements! Lucy Dog to the rescue! PiperVDay-18P I NPiperVDay-20P I N


PiperGalleryP I N


And I completely forgot to turn on the time lapse for the Skinner’s session because we were chatting so much – I always love when I get to see them. After all, how cute & sweet are these kiddos!!

GallerySkinnerP I NSkinnerVDay-1P I NSkinnerVDay-4P I NSkinnerVDay-5P I NSkinnerVDay-6editP I NSkinnerVDay-9editP I NSkinnerVDay-11P I NSkinnerVDay-16P I NSkinnerVDay-18P I NSkinnerVDay-21P I NSkinnerVDay-24P I NSkinnerVDay-25P I NSkinnerVDay-27P I NSkinnerVDay-29P I N

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