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Post Processing Video + Collaborative Action Set from Michelle Kane (COMING SOON)

Post Processing Video+ Collaborative Action Set from Michelle Kane




Ever wanted a front row seat to see how I cull, edit, and process? How would you like to have a video that you can stop and start at your leisure, follow along, re-watch for a refresher, etc.? Well now you can! Not only that, but you will get an exclusive collaborative Action Set from myself and the fabulous Michelle Kane. What do I mean by exclusive? Oh just that no one but my workshop/online class peeps can get them! These will not be sold a la carte-you guys are the only ones who can get em 😉 This isn’t just a post processing video-this is exactly how I edit-all my secrets and actions to help you achieve a bold, colorful, crisp edit everytime!
I also conduct workshops (for example: September & October 2013 HERE) however those are full with waiting lists at the moment. The only other 2013 opportunity for workshops is the babies & beaches hawaiian experience with myself & Keri Meyers – information located HERE.
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