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Workflow and Post Processing Video with Michelle Kane Collaborative Action Set

Post Processing Video/e-workshop + Collaborative Action Set from Michelle Kane


“I recently came across Kansas Pitts Photography while doing a google search for inspiring photographs, I stumbled across this absolutely amazing image of a gorgeous family seated on a beautiful beach with the most spectacular sky I had ever seen. I proceeded to view the other images on the blog and then Facebook and each and everyone of them were stopping me in my tracks. This photographer named Kansas Pitts was creative, inspiring and I was in awe of her wonderful work. I proceeded to watch and admire her photography over quite a few weeks. I had wanted to be involved in her mentoring but being in Australia I was a little apprehensive about spending the money on an online course, having been previously disappointed with one I had partaken in with another international photographer. All I can say is Kansas exceeded my expectations in the session, gave me all her valuable knowledge and even created a video with one of my images especially for me. Kansas was warm, friendly and welcoming she has followed my work on Facebook since and I am appreciative of the fact that I found her online because not only has it inspired me to take my creativity to a new level it has provided me with a new direction and new confidence.” Sally (Creative Lifestyle Photography, Australia)

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE PURCHASING (so you know exactly what you are getting ūüėČ
Ever wanted a front row seat to see how I cull, edit, and process? How would you like to have a video that you can stop and start at your leisure, follow along, re-watch for a refresher, etc.? Well now you can! Not only that, but you will get an exclusive collaborative Action Set from myself and the fabulous Michelle Kane. What do I mean by exclusive? Oh just that no one but my workshop/online class peeps can get them! These will not be sold a la carte-you guys are the only ones who can get em ūüėČ This isn’t¬†just¬†a post processing video-this is exactly how I edit-all my secrets and actions to help you achieve a bold, colorful, crisp edit everytime!
4 hour + Post Processing Online Video Class + Collaborative Action Pack from Kansas Pitts & Michelle Kane: In my post processing video I will lead you through how I cull and prepare an entire session to edit. Then I will fully edit, from RAW to gallery-ready, a collection of a variety of about 25 images (beach & non-beach, different lighting, colors, locations-started with 30 but they were getting redundant so I shortened them) using both Lightroom and Photoshop.  (Those that use ACR should also be able to follow along and use the minor tweaks I do in LR.) Not only will I edit my own images, I have also had a few girls submit their images so I can show that you can use these methods to edit any images-not just mine. While in Photoshop we will be finishing the prepared images using a collection of included Collaborative Actions from myself and Michelle Kane as well as explaining the process so you are learning more about Photoshop & editing within it. We have created a set of 10 actions to speed up your workflow and make your images pop (these are not available a la carte, just to workshop/e-class attendees) including my sky action that I use every single time to get amazing natural skies. (Be advised this is a post processing video-although some settings and lens use may be discussed as it relates to the outcome of the editing for some of the images, for the most part settings, lenses, etc. will not be the focus. In person mentoring and workshops are the full monty when it comes to actually shooting.)

The outline of the video is as follows:
Starting with SOOC – what to keep in mind
Post Processing Tools & Software
Importing and Preparing in Lightroom:
      File Organization
      Exporting for the best results
Photoshop: The Real Editing
     Layers/Masks/Blending Modes
     Adjustment Layers
     Matte Finishes the Easy Way
     Actions-Installing, Using, Tweaking
Sky Overlay Example
Composite/Head Swap Example
Using Textures
General Editing/Background clutter removal, transforming your images
Saving & Resizing for FB/Web

BONUS: I will be going through how I completed my Pirate Fantasy Composite:

Are you afraid that my editing is too dramatic for your taste but you love the style? You don’t have to go all the way ūüėČ My video and the action set will help you achieve any level of editing (#1 is SOOC/RAW with #6 being the fullest, most dramatic outcome)-here is the progression of an edit so you can see you can stop whenever you are satisfied:

Action Set Includes:


Arise + Shine: A general “wake-up” action that boosts contrast, defogs with a slight clarity, and brightens & pops. It’s a great starting place or all in the one for clean, pretty processing!
Bold Beautiful Skies: A beautiful action to make your skies colorful, bold, and really bring out the clouds.
Luminous Light: Add luminous light over your entire image to give it a beautiful glow.
Warm Spotlight: Need a little warm fill light? This is it!
Rosegold Glow: Add a colorful glow over your entire image for a dusky, golden appearance.
Sunset Spice: Warm it up with a little warm matte finish with a hint of a purple dusk.
Color Craze: Want jaw-dropping color to make your image jump off the page? This is it!
Vivacious: Velvet color-that is all I can say ūüėČ
Twinkle: Sharpen those details!
Vignette: Gotta love a basic for some images.

Private Group: You will also gain entrance to the Private Facebook Group that I will monitor, answer questions in, and critique in at least once every 48 hours (if not more). I did this with my sky overlay purchasers and I believe it made their purchases invaluable to have a group of helpful photographers, including myself, post helpful tips, critique, assist, and in general just elevate their images. Additions to the group will be made at the end of each day-you must request the group once you purchase by following this link: Please don’t email asking for addition otherwise, as I promise I will add everyone by the end of the day that requested that day by 9 PM CST.¬†(Be advised this is a post processing group-settings, lenses, etc. will not be the focus and questions in the group should focus on post processing.¬†In person mentoring and workshops are the full monty when it comes to actually¬†shooting.)

 (If you live, work or plan to in the next year within 100 miles of 32459 or if you conduct workshops do NOT purchase this.)

4+ Hour Video (In digital download format or flash driv  if you purchase-box is for illustrative purposes only)
 Michelle Kane/Kansas Pitts Action Set
20% off coupon for additional Michelle Kane Action Sets,
$25 credit in the sky store
Set of 16 skies (6-3 clean/3 edited) from previous collections used in the video and 10 new ones (5 clean/5 edited) called the Cotton Candy Mini):

40% off for now no coupon needed!

$390-$415 (Please make sure you have read the entire post here as well as store descriptions before purchasing)

Digital Download and Flash Drive Video (with or without Digital Download).

This is a large file so please make sure you have a good internet connect in order to properly download or go to a location (work or Barnes & Noble, etc.) where
there is a great connection to download and then place on a flash drive to put on whatever computer you want it on).
No refunds offered as this is a digital product.

Most of them from the Henry Family Session:
(A word about pricing…what you are receiving here is about half of my workshop – the other half, of course, is shooting and settings-so when I was pricing I basically did the calculations for that. My workshops are $1500-$1800 for a one day-plus travel. Plus, you don’t just get to watch for a day you have the actual recording to reference back on and watch as many times are you want to and get feedback and assistance in the Private FB Group! As I said before, this isn’t just a post processing video-these are my secrets, how I get my images to look like I do and the actions to help you achieve this look. In addition, I cover a great deal of basic Lightroom and Photoshop information as well as organizing your files, culling, workflow, etc.)

Private Post Processing Consultation Option: You may add a 45 minute one on one Skype consultation (with screen sharing should you need to see any demonstration) with me to discuss the video and post processing in general  (Be advised this is a post processing consult-settings, lenses, etc. will not be the focus and questions in the group should focus on post processing. In person mentoring and workshops are the full monty when it comes to actually shooting.) These will be scheduled only during the hours of 9am-2pm CST, Monday-Friday and are on a first-come, first schedule basis. Available ONLY as an add-on to the Post Processing Video: $250

These are the before and afters you will see in the video (edited from start to finish before your very own eyes using the actions and hand editing taught in the video):

I also conduct workshops (for example: September & October 2013 HERE) however those are full with waiting lists at the moment. The only other 2013 opportunity for workshops is the babies & beaches hawaiian experience with myself & Keri Meyers Рinformation located HERE.