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The Dunn Family | A Blue Beach Afternoon

If you are a photographer reading this you know that high energy kids + no light = no good. So I was a little worried for this session as we drove up. The sun was nowhere to be found and even though I shot these at 7k they were blue blue blue. Want to see how blue?



Yeah and then¬†Colin got out of the car I saw he had obviously met the bad end of something. Holly hadn’t mentioned it ahead of time so I thought maybe it was birth mark so I was afraid to ask (you never want to offend someone) but then she explained he had scratched himself pretty bad….Want to see how bad? SOOC



Somehow this turned out to be one of my favs of the summer. Holly was so easy¬†about it and knew the pitfalls of the day but she just smiled and had a great time-it shows! They were so sweet and happy. As you can see Colin was very very active (you can see his mom walking back from chasing him in some of these lol) but he was a sweetheart and so was his sister! These took me to ends of my editing spectrum for sure…I wanted them to be happy and warm just like we felt out there together running around. If you want to see my editing recipe its at the bottom (click HERE to learn about my actions and presets).




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