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The Green Family | Sweet Little Family Beach Session

Sometimes, when you photograph a family you just get a sense that they are just the sweetest little family…I truly felt that way about Keeley & Jason. Their sweet babies, Presley & Quaid were just so nice to one another! When I told them to grab a picture together Presley immediate hugged on her little brother and he didn’t resist in the least-you could just see such a sweet, quiet love between them. That is always awesome to see…It took me forever to even narrow these down to the best ones and I didn’t do a very good job…if this blog post is any indication, their gallery is way over what I usually try to keep it at! I couldn’t resist…Keeley did an awesome job with their styling and they were just so sweet & good! So enjoy this cute little family, photographed here on the beaches of South Walton…


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I even loved these in black and white (used the Mono Matte one-click preset from my Gulf Collection for Lightroom)

Black and white beach picturesP I N

These were all edited with the Gulf Collection for Lightoom & The Kansas Collection for Photoshop….Details below!


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