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Child Model Call for October 7th


I am looking for a few “models” (please take that term lightly-I want fun, spunky, sweet girls who can take direction 🙂 for my workshop October 7th (yes this weekend). I have two sessions for which I am needing girls for…


Girls ages 4-8 (mature 4 year old). The first one is in Santa Rosa Beach and we will need your daughter for about an hour or so-I provide wardrobe [(we will discuss once I find the girl(s)]. It will be a gorgeous backlit morning session in a grassy area from around 8-9 am (a little earlier to get dressed unless we arrange for wardrobe pickup prior). Apply below and you can also check out my other workshops below to see what the experience is kindof like. In exchange for your little one’s participation I will provide you will 10+ fully edited images with an unlimited print release as well as a 16×24 metal or canvas of your favorite one. The other attendees will also have the opportunity to provide additional images as well.


Girls ages 4-8 (mature 4 year old). The second one is in South Walton on the beach and is a styled session with several other girls – this will be fun and carefree and less posed. Lots of fun props. I am especially looking for a variety of hair color (I would love a little curly headed red head) as well as skin color/ethnicities, etc. We will need your daughter for a little over an hour-I provide wardrobe [(we will discuss once I find the girl(s)]. The time for this one will be from about 5:15 to 6:30 pm shooting time (earlier to get dressed unless we arrange for wardrobe pickup prior).





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